Take Action Today

So many times I have given ideas and advice to clients about steps they can take to to increase the number of leads or improve their conversion rates from prospect to customer, yet rarely do I see those ideas put into action. Doing nothing never has a positive effect...

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Influx of SPAM

Lately I have been receiving a huge amount of spam-┬ánot those normal levels of annoying amounts that get stuck in my spam filter anyway- but a noticable influx alot of which is getting through my spam filters with business-like topics such as “RE: Our...

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The definition of SPAM

Recently, I’ve been a victim of spam by several local businesses.? I am pretty sure these small local businesses are not really cognizant of the fact that they are, in fact, spamming.? Somehow these business got the email addresses from the local Chamber of...

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Visitor Interaction and Conversions

Giving your customers and visitors some way to interact with you on your web site helps build a stronger relationship between you and your potential customers which leads to higher conversions and retention of existing customers.  Feedback from your visitors...

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Must-Have Content

One of the biggest problems faced by people setting up their first (or additional) website is what to write for their website.  This can be so over-whelming for some that they don’t end up writing anything at all.  To help reduce your stress and...

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