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Strategic Digital Marketing and More.

YNot Web is an internet-focused SMB consulting and marketing firm founded in Fair Oaks and now based in Sacramento, CA. We specialize in the enhancement of an appropriate web presence that positively impacts the growth of a client’s small to medium business or organization. We partner with our business clients to plan and implement their entire marketing strategy for the web, making sure they are using the most effective tools possible for maximum exposure and return on investment.

Our web services generally fall into one of the following categories:

We offer consulting services to help you determine direction and create on online marketing plan that best supports your primary objectives.
We offer ongoing promotion and optimization services to help you make the most of your marketing dollars and bring more client leads to your web site.
We design websites that showcase your business style and expertise! From creating copy that sells to setting up systems to make your web site work harder for you, we know there is more to success than a pretty web site.
We provide you the advanced services and strategies to turn your prospects into paying customers.
Make the Most of Your Web Presence
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